Tristar produces a semi light product that uses a percentage of pumice in its mix design instead of the standard aggregates.  These blocks are up to 3 kg lighter for the 20cm unit.  Semi Light blocks are more expensive but the savings will be revealed on site when the masons lay more units per day with less fatigue.  Semi light blocks are not normally stocked except for the 21cm standard unit (8′ imperial).  Although any block can be produced in semi light please allow time for production scheduling.  The semi light also has a unique look when used in a split-face or ground face application.  The pumice used in the mix is exposed and adds more diversity to the aggregate in the form of white specks throughout the block.  This is especially noticeable in colour blocks.

Tristar’s has a ULC certified block for fire rating.  These blocks exceed the standards and have no problem meeting the 2 hour fire rating.   Every year Tristar sends out their blocks to get a full manufacturing review by a CSA approved company.  The test results are available upon request.  Call or email the office for this information.